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Extreme Metal

A Forum For Discussion About Metal

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This community is built for people interested in ALL forms of extreme/underground metal. From Black Metal to Power Metal and everything in between. If you're interested in real metal this is a place for you to talk about it, find out about new metal bands, etc.

What you can do: Talk about your favorite bands; Talk about new albums; Post play lists; Record Reviews; Show Reviews; discuss intelligently the pros and cons of bands; Ask about new bands.

What you CAN NOT DO: Belittle someone's taste in more than just your favorite kind of music; Post racist propaganda; Flame members unnecessarily. This list will be updated as things that aren't supposed to happen occur.

I'm not a Fascist, and I am more than willing to allow a community to grow and evolve in it's own direction. I want to use this as a way to hear about new music, and to form a community of metal users who aren't complete elitest morons.